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Friday, 23 January 2015

5 Common Tasks that can be Outsourced Today!

There was a time when outsourcing services were only available to large-scale businesses. However, now-a-days, this scenario has completely changed. Small-scale companies have started realizing the benefits of outsourcing and they can now afford to focus on money-spinning activities rather than worrying about hiring and managing teams at low costs. They’re always under the threat of losing the star performer to a big organization.  These companies have found a solution in the form of hiring offshore service providers to get daily tasks done, efficiently. These companies have also started outsourcing some of the most challenging projects related to law, accounting, and market research etc.

outsource business services

  1. Outsourcing Administrative Support Services: The daily administrative tasks consume a lot of precious time and energy. You can hire an outsourcing company who can manage everything from checking and replying to e-mails, invoicing, and returning calls etc. They can manage the entire back-office operations and streamline processes for smooth functioning.
  2. Outsource Customer Support Services: The customer support team plays a pivotal part in retaining the existing clients. By outsourcing customer support services to specialized teams, small-scale companies can raise their service standards and expect astonishing results, month after month. These outsourcing companies offer dedicated support to handle customer queries in an effective and well-organized manner. You should always hire a team that has a proven record in the same field. 
  3. Content-related Solutions for Web Pages: A very few people realize that running a successful website is about knowing the business’s inside-out and understanding the customer’s psychology. It takes a professional writer to develop that effective web copy for your website and social media sites. You should never make the mistake of getting it done from a novice to save money. It would ultimately hurt you and cause an irreparable damage. You should always hire an expert outsourcing company offering content writing services to engage visitors in a meaningful conversation. They’ll build a close connection with your audience and encourage them to share personal experiences and stories related to the brand. 
  4. Outsourcing Social Media Marketing to Target Potential Audience: With so many social media websites on the web, you require dedicated support for managing them. You should outsource social media services to protect your brand image. An important aspect of your social media presence is that you should limit your participation to suggestions and feedback. As a hardcore businessman, you can only add to the quality of campaign. There is a lot to be done in terms of monitoring the rival group, emerging market trends, consumer behavior and building short and long-term strategies keeping the brand history in mind. You may know how to use social websites for personal use, but it is a different game to manage official profiles. And these can be well-handled by the outsourcing companies offering these kinds of services.
  5. Bookkeeping Projects are better-off Outsourced: The costs involved in managing an in-house team of accountants puts small businesses in a peculiar situation. They should hire offshore accountants to manage their books and taxes. These professionals would provide expert guidance to avoid penalties. The best part is that you can hire them for a limited period of time depending on your business requirement.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to outsource business services to save your time and money.

IT Outsourcing Services: Reduced Operational Costs, Better Service Standards and Improved Profitability

Businesses have witnessed a major shift with focus diverting from managing in-house teams to outsourcing work for reasons as good as cutting down costs and saving time. Businesses looking to outsource IT services should study the model to know what should be outsourced and what shouldn't. Likewise, they also need to be aware of the risks associated with outsourcing.

Businesses can outsource IT services ranging from software development, web designing, mobile app development to operations support, knowing that they eat-up a lot of time and money on their part. The maintenance aspect is another complex issue. Most of the businesses outsource IT services knowing they've a better chance to get quality work done and devote the same amount of time doing something that would increase the cash flow.

Better Performance, Higher Progress and Undivided Attention:

The single most significant aspect of outsourcing IT services is the kind of attention and expert assistance one gets. To manage an on-site team of experienced professionals is becoming more and more difficult in financially turbulent times. The offshore team has got relevant experience that puts you back in contention to attract new customers. There is no need to allocate budget for training and hiring, anymore.

Small businesses advocate the concept of outsourcing IT projects. They do not have to deploy manpower and resources to upgrade to the latest technology. It can save you a lot of money taking into consideration that large amount of investments are required to be made in servers and security domain etc. An IT outsourcing company would offer uninterrupted technical and customer support. This means that your customers would obtain timely and accurate solution to their problems. These points add to the idea of outsourcing IT services rather than running on-site operations.

Analyze the Risk Factor to Stay on the Winning Side:

Businesses have taken out some time and have started thinking on ways to overcome the initial fear of outsourcing, and in the process, sharing confidential information with professionals other than core management team. It was the first major challenge and that stage is long gone. As a businessman, you need to be utmost confident while sharing sensitive information with the offshore team. The only question you need to ask is what operations should be kept with the in-house team. This would help you to set the right expectations.

The objective is to add extra value to the whole process. As a businessman, you would be able to see how outsourcing IT makes the unit more convenient and competitive. It is not just about saving time or money alone. It is about streamlining different processes and making way for changes to take place keeping the long-term goals in mind. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Outsourcing Myths: Invest in Emerging Trends to Usher in a New Era

The outsourcing industry wasn't competing with traditional business model alone to establish its credibility but the bigger fight was about breaking the myths associated with the concept itself. The outsourcing sector has always been looked upon with suspicious eyes and lack of trust. The damage caused due to narrow perspective has limited businesses from exploring options that could have saved them from spending huge sums of money. Some of the bankrupt units would have been saved, had they accepted the change and followed a liberal approach. Some of the myths surrounding the business outsourcing solutions industry are insecurity and inefficiency etc.

business outsourcing solutions

1.     Lack of Control Results in Chaos and Loss of Revenue: Businesses retain total ownership and control. The point that you would lose control resulting in loss of business breeds out of lack of information. You would still receive daily or weekly reports. You would still provide feedback and offer suggestions. The primary reason that businesses outsource work is to enhance productivity and save time. Businesses should embrace the new model as it empowers them to manage things in a far more effective manner, than ever.

2.     Outsourcing Companies Lack Vision and Ambition: Business process outsourcing companies continue to beat traditional model by providing better services. They offer customized packages with experienced professionals working with commitment to pull off results. With dedicated teams and round-the-clock support, these companies stand a better chance to deliver results.

3.    Outsourcing Costs More than Managing In-house Teams:  The outsourcing business model is the most productive and economical in nature. In a traditional set-up, you would require to hire, train, invest in technology, offer health insurance and other such benefits etc. On the other side, you do not have to worry about anything at all. You get qualified technical assistance at lowest labor costs by outsourcing business solutions.

4.    Data-breach Threat and other Security Issues: The threat of secure information to be hacked or leaked is a big concern when it comes to outsourcing as compared to when managing an in-house team. The flip side is that a business process outsourcing company offers better security features. They invest in the latest security systems knowing that brand reputation is heavily dependent on it. They keep on adding new features to it. Market reports suggest that offshore vendors are among-st the top buyers of advanced security systems.

5.    Legal System Too Complex for the Comfort Level: Businesses need to understand that writing a legal agreement would only be as complex or easy as you want it to be. The most common mistake businesses make is to over-protect their own rights. It has been learned that outsourcing business services is a moving and evolving concept. The legal system is not difficult for someone who wants to keep the space open to help both the sides achieve commercial goals.   

With all the major outsourcing myths being busted, it is a good option to choose the best outsourcing company in the market today. Cogneesol is a top-notch business service provider offering value-added services related to insurance, healthcare, legal, technology, finance and data management industries.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Outsource Bookkeeping Services: Get Professional Assistance to Capture Bigger Market Share

Professionally maintained books streamline different processes. Small businesses have found managing books quite a task in the absence of professional assistance. The reason is the costs involved with hiring a professional accountant or managing a team. There is always a risk of books not been properly maintained and affecting the decision-making skills, as a result of that. Offshore bookkeeping service providers have brought an opportunity; they've always been looking for. Small businesses should outsource bookkeeping services considering they can save time and money and get professional assistance. They would have accurate information at disposal for the first time. They can take better decisions, now.

outsource bookkeeping services

Several Advantages of Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services
Industry experts believe that businesses can save as much as up to 40% by hiring an offshore accountant. The kind of expertise and quality you would get in return was only limited to a selected few companies in the past. The impact of outsourcing work is visibly seen in the strategies created by the team. They've more free time and space to focus on core activities.

The core team does not have to spend precious time and efforts on maintaining books, anymore. The operating costs reduce as you do not have to pay for medical insurance, health and retirement benefits, absence from work due to sickness and providing training to them etc.

Offshore bookkeeping service providers have the best of machines and manpower to offer A-class services. They offer services in income and tax processing, financial, bookkeeping, and payroll etc. They've started customizing the whole process by understanding business requirements of every company and offering services based on it.  

Professional Assistance against Temporary Measures
Small businesses do not have to believe completely in the outsourcing business model. It is not about validating the model. They should think about how they can get the best out of it. They should outsource non-critical data, first. A lot of things also depend on how they approach it. This is the best option for small businesses to cut down on operational costs without compromising on quality and data privacy.

There isn't a bigger threat than asking an inexperienced professional to manage books or adopting a temporary approach to fix things up, in these financially turbulent times. There are companies doing work with offshore accounting teams for years, now. It is time for small businesses to think and learn a lesson from bigger players. They should find an offshore accounting partner who can offer customized services to manage the books.   

The reports of people being played upon and fraud are increasing due to reasons like inaccuracy. One wrong step and your company would be out of business or out of competition for a long period. Outsourcing accounting companies offer specialized and affordable packages to manage books in the most efficient manner. Small businesses would have nobody else to blame, if they fail to find the right channel.